Cablevision Launches iPad App Offering 300 Channels of Live TV

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Suddenly, Time Warner Cable’s 32-channel iPad app seems much less controversial. Cablevision has launched a new iPad app called Optimum Live TV, which provides subscribers streaming access to around 300 live channels, with an additional 2000 VoD options available. Subscribers can register three separate iPads to each account, with two available for use simultaneously.

According to the company, this new app won’t have the same problems as TWC’s controversial app because it isn’t delivering content over the Internet:

Cablevision uses its secure and proprietary Advanced Digital Cable television network to deliver cable programming to customers for viewing on the Optimum App for iPad, and content is not delivered over the Internet. The application turns the iPad into an additional television, enabling Cablevision customers to view the same live programming and VOD content already being delivered to other TVs in the home as part of the service they have paid for. Cablevision has the right to distribute programming over its cable system to iPads configured in this way under its existing distribution agreements with programming providers.

Somehow, I doubt that Fox, Viacom or Discovery will agree about that–something about the wifi delivery to the iPad device strikes me as skirting a lot of boundaries, in regards to contract definitions–but no channels have responded to the app as yet. Of course, we’ll see if the same thing is true this time tomorrow.

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