Do You Believe in iPad? Apple’s Sappy New Commercial

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Does Apple’s iPad 2 “get out of the way” when you type an email, pluck guitar strings, or try to sign your name by tracing your fingertip across its glass surface? Apple hopes you think so, because that’s what a montage of app shots, a soothing voiceover, and some plaintive plucked piano chords seem to be selling.

Apple’s new iPad 2 commercial “We Believe” debuted this weekend and yes, it’s a little mawkish.┬áSee for yourself.


Apple sure loves that word, “magical.” I guess we’re supposed to view the iPad 2 in light of Arthur C. Clarke’s “third law,” which states that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Except that’s not really the iPad, which for all its deserved plaudits is still just a free-standing LCD screen with a clever touch interface. Maybe we can start calling it “magical” when it’s actually earned the privilege, say creating holograms you can dance with, or levitating with iAntiGravity.