It’s a Date: Sidekick 4G Debuts at Radio Shack on April 20th

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While T-Mobile has been shockingly mum about the much-buzzed launch date of the Sidekick 4G, Radio Shack may have spilled the proverbial beans. Posting on its Twitter last Thursday, the retailer joyously proclaimed the next iteration of the Sidekick would hit its shelves on Wednesday, April 20th.

All we’ve heard so far is that the new Android-powered Sidekick will emerge “in the spring.” The curious tweet emerged the day before April Fools’, leading many to question the validity of the announcement.

Wonder no more–a Radio Shack rep confirmed the April 20th launch date with Techland Monday afternoon.

With a specific date in our minds, we finally have something tangible to look forward to – in addition, of course, to the phone itself, which will feature 4G speeds, rounded design, and a touch screen, all rolled into its iconic “pop-tilt” shell.

The April launch date gives Sidekick loyalists the grieving time they need to break free from the clutches of their beloved but soon-to-be-deceased devices. T-Mobile announced they’ll be scrapping the data service to the original Sidekicks, provided by Danger, at the end of May. Users that are married to their Sidekicks will have the opportunity to upgrade with ample time to spare.

And it appears T-Mobile is going for a full shelf refresh that same Wednesday. Also rumored to be released on the 20th are the spiffy LG G-Slate tablet, a 3D-capable device with a hefty 8.9-inch screen, and the dual-core, Android-running LG G2x phone.

Will the new-and-improved Sidekick shine despite these other souped-up releases? Perhaps the real question is: Can the device reclaim its former haute couture status among celebs in Hollywood?