New Twitter App Puts Your Followers on the Chopping Block

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Tired of sifting through endless droves of tweets that pop up on your feed? If you really don’t care to follow certain people, then let a new Twitter app get rid of them for you–on your Twitter account, that is.

The Grim Tweeper – created by Wesley Zhao, Tess Rinearson, Dan Shipper and Ajay Mehta – allows you to manage your follow list in three easy steps:

1. You’ll be showed one person – or “tweep” – that you’re currently following on Twitter. View the person’s stats – number of followers, number following, number of tweets a day and if they follow you – before deciding his or her fate.

2. Press either the green “keep” button or the red “kill” button to continue following or to unfollow, respectively.

3. Continue doing the same thing until you’re only following those who matter. You can continually view the number of people you’ve axed through the Tweeper.

And for those who want to ratchet up the fun, the Tweeper even has its own Twitter:

“Muahahah! I’m here, tweeps. If you follow far too many useless people, let me help you get rid of them,” it tweeted today.

It’s a simple enough idea that livens up quashing Twitter spam. Question is, who’s on your chopping block next?

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