Obama Opens 2012 Campaign on Facebook

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Just in case you thought Presidential campaigns weren’t nearly long enough, Barack Obama has done the thoughtful and chosen today to launch his bid for re-election on Facebook.

Why on Facebook? Well, which politician wouldn’t want to post a two-line announcement and get nearly three and a half thousand responses within an hour? (The total at the time of writing was 3,398, but it’ll be much bigger by the time you read this.)

The web played a big part in the last election, but you can be pretty sure it’s going to be even more intense next time around. Back in 2010, Twitter was just big. By 2012, it’s going to be huge.

And even that won’t be anything like the vast reach offered by Facebook. Love it or hate it (and there are plenty of people who hate it, but they’re not on Facebook, so their views get drowned out by all the Facebook-likers), no other website or social network has a chance of reaching so many people at such speed.

Obama just opened the floodgates. Politics is going to be a huge thing on the world’s hugest social network for the next couple of years.