A New iPad App Uses Modern Tech to Amplify the Power of War’s Narrative

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In today’s digital age, our sense of reality is often hardened by the different forms of media pelting us from every angle, especially when it comes to conflict overseas.

Danfung Dennis — an award-winning mixed-media storyteller — wanted to undue our collective numbness with an innovative new iPad app that seeks to blend traditional photojournalism, artful film making, and delicate touches of virtual reality to create a stunning, immersive experience.

The result? A powerful new form of storytelling: ConditionONE.

He tells TIME: “The entire human field of view is captured on these camera systems, and the stories are edited specifically for the tablet application to create a truly immersive experience.”

Head over to TIME’s awesome new photo blog, Lightbox, to see a demonstration. It’s incredible stuff.