Bowie On iPhone: Now We’re Appsolute Beginners

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We’ve seen a lot of changes to the way music gets made and sold in recent years. Day-in, day-out, people seem to come up with new ideas.

The latest is to release not songs, but apps. After all, most people – even absolute beginners – don’t seem interested in paying for songs anymore. But they’re happy to pay for apps. Especially apps from their heroes.

All of which is why David Bowie has started a new career in a new town, re-releasing his classic song Golden Years as an iApp later this year.

More than just a conversation piece, the app is designed for kooks who like to do more than watch a CD spin around and around; they want to enjoy some fame of their own, and become a DJ in their own right. With the app, they’ll be able to remix their own version using samples of the original vocals and instruments.

So don’t sit down in the shadow, man. Jump! They say dancing with the big boys is fashionable again. That’s modern love for you.

(Via MusicRadar)