Death Cab For Cutie to Live-Stream a One-Take Music Video

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You need to have a really good gimmick to get people to watch your music video these days, and the alternative rock band Death Cab for Cutie have come up with a fine one. Today (April 5), at 7 PM Eastern time, they’re shooting what appears to be a rather complicated music video, for their new single “You Are a Tourist.” The clever part is that they’re doing it in a single take, a la Russian Ark, and live-streaming the whole thing on a dedicated site,

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It’s not yet clear what the video is going to entail, but the band’s been posting a series of brief, cryptic teasers for it. (In one, somebody’s in a grocery store, filling his cart with bottles of what looks like tomato juice. “You think this’ll be enough?” he asks.) If this sounds like the sort of stunt for which OK Go are known, that’s unsurprising: director Tim Nackashi directed OK Go’s video for “WTF?” a couple of years ago.

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“You Are a Tourist” will appear on Death Cab’s forthcoming album Codes and Keys, due out May 31.