Facebook for iPhone Now Lets You Un-Friend People Anywhere

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Facebook for iPhone just got more lethal. We already know how addicted you guys are to Facebook on the phone. Wanna add a new friend? That’s been around from some time, but now you can un-friend on the go. Imagine that.

The latest update to the app also adds several other features. You’re now able to check out where your friends are on a map, and check in at events. The feature will also let you know which friends of yours have also showed up.

All things super handy to prove to your friend you really did make it to their shindig while they were a little too incoherent to remember.

Facebook wants to make sure that you’re actually there, though. You have to be invited, RSVP and actually be at the location that’s listed for the event. There’s no news yet about when the update will make its way to Android, but the changes are coming to the iOS app and the mobile site.

Suggestion? Close the app when you’re not using it. Your girlfriend isn’t going to believe you accidentally un-friended her.

(via TechCrunch)

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