Nikon Lures Keen Amateur Photographers With New Mid-Range Camera

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Nikon today announced details of a brand new DSLR camera designed to appeal to keen amateurs.

The D5100 boasts a 16.2 megapixel sensor, a flip-out live preview screen, full HD video recording, and an astonishing 102,400 ISO setting, which Nikon says makes it possible to shoot black-and-white images in almost total darkness.

Quite how anyone will know what it is they’re photographing in that sort of scenario, Nikon doesn’t explain. But hey, the option’s there if you need it.

Nikon’s calling it an “advanced beginner’s camera”. It’s not for complete beginners, but neither will it appeal to professionals or advanced hobbyists. It’s a stepping stone from one to the other.

The special effects mode, in particular, sounds like it’s been added to broaden the camera’s consumer appeal with a selection of shooting modes with names like Color Sketch and Selective Color.

The camera should be available later this month, priced around $900 (with Nikon’s standard 18-55mm lens).

(Via WEX)