Survey: AT&T and Verizon iPhone Users Equally Satisfied

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Despite all the praise that tech journalists bestowed on the Verizon iPhone, a new survey says that Verizon customers aren’t any more satisfied than AT&T iPhone users.

TheĀ survey from ChangeWave Research found that 82 percent of Verizon iPhone users are “very satisfied,” and 16 percent are “somewhat satisfied.” Among AT&T iPhone users, 80 percent were “very satisfied” and 18 percent were “somewhat satisfied.”

Survey respondents still reported a higher frequency of dropped calls on AT&T — 4.8 percent among AT&T iPhone users, compared to 1.8 percent for Verizon. And when ChangeWave asked future iPhone 4 buyers which carrier they’d choose, 46 percent said Verizon, while the rest were split between AT&T and uncertainty. (Verizon has more existing customers than AT&T, which might have affected those results.)

The Verizon iPhone is essentially the same as its AT&T counterpart. The only difference is the network, but in places like New York and San Francisco — hubs of tech journalism where AT&T’s service is notoriously unreliable — it’s no surprise that reviewers were considerably happier with the coverage on Verizon. Location is a huge factor.

Either way, the survey is great news for Apple. When you subtract the number of very satisfied and somewhat satisfied customers from ChangeWave’s report, that leaves only 2 percent of customers on both carriers who are less than satisfied with their iPhones.