Adzookie Will Pay Your Mortgage In Exchange For Your Self-Respect, Home

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It’s advertising gone crazy like a fox. Or alright, just crazy. Mobile ad network Adzookie wants to pay your mortgage – as long as it can turn your house into an advertisement for Adzookie.

The promotion – which only has a budget of $100,000, so that whole “paying your mortgage” thing sadly doesn’t mean paying all of your mortgage (unless you have a relatively cheap house) – takes advantage of the current financial crisis by looking for people willing to allow their home to be repainted with Adzookie’s logo and branding colors for anywhere between three months and a year. If you’re game, Adzookie will give you a break from the monthly mortgage machine.

Adzookie’s VP of Marketing, Mark Oskorus, said the idea has “hit a really interesting nerve… It’s a really interesting subject, making ends meet.”

According to Oskorus, more than 300 homeowners have applied for the program. No doubt they all find the subject of having to turn their private digs into billboards just to pay the bill “really interesting,” too.

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