For Sale: UK’s Oldest Working TV Set

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For sale: TV set. Marconi Type 702. 12 inch screen, mahogany and bakelite casing, original paperwork and instruction manual. No SCART sockets, no HDMI, no DVD or Blu-ray. Delivery not included.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the oldest working TV set in the UK, and it goes on sale in a couple of weeks at auction house Bonhams in London.

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Originally sold in November 1936 to a Mr Davies of Dulwich (one of the nicer south London suburbs), the set still works perfectly.

Bonhams says:

“This screen would have shown the very first scheduled television programme in the world. The CRT picture quality is superb, with the ion-burn limited to very small spot. Presented here is the 702 proven to have been sold three weeks after the first transmission date in late 1936 – an extraordinary discovery, complete with all supporting documentation.”

Want it? Sure, you can have it. All you have to do is get to Bonhams for April 19, and bring plenty of money with you. The guide price for bidders starts at £3,000 ($4,800), but could go up to £5,000 ($8,150) or even higher.

You could probably buy a 12 inch screen, an Apple TV, and make your own mahogany box to put it all in for less than that.

(Via The Inquirer)