Free Android and iPhone Group Video Calling Comes to Fring Beta

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Want to FaceTime a bunch of people at once? Boo hoo. Skype for iPhone can’t do it either. Fring, another VOIP service, just started offering free group video calling – but it’s limited to a private beta build. Which means perhaps in a few months, it might get to tantalize the public with its video wiles.

The feature lets you call up to four of your friends turning it into a virtual party. The whole thing isn’t ready to go yet, but existing Fring users can give it a whirl by signing up to be guinea pigs. Fortunately, it’s the harmless type of experimentation – not the ones that involve actual bodily functions. Your four geeky friends also have to be beta testers in order for it to work.

Even better, Fring is expanding the feature to both iPhone and Android. Android users won’t get short shrift on this one, waiting like they typically do for a non-iOS version. Video calling will be available through presumably Wi-Fi and/or 3G. We don’t know which ones yet.


Blog Mashable says if you identify yourself as one of their readers, special consideration might be given for you to enter the elite club of early-adopter geekiness. Unfortunately, Techland can’t offer you anything like that. But hey, thanks for reading!

(via Mashable)

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