Study: Teens Buy Less Music, Want More iPhones

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The kids of today think digital music sucks but want to keep Steve Jobs happy. Or at least that’s my takeaway from the latest of Piper Jaffray’s bi-annual surveys of high school students in the US, which asked 4,500 kids how they felt about Apple products and digital music.

Among the surprising results: The percentage of high-schoolers who download music online has dropped to 77% from 82% in 2007 (The percentage of those admitting to using P2P file sharing is slightly up, from 64% to 65% during that same period). Curiously, iTunes usage has gone from 2007’s 79% to 95% today.

Maybe that last one has to do with brand loyalty, since Apple product usage is up across the board. iPhone usage is up 14% since 2007, the iPod dominates the mp3 player category (86% of those participating have an iPod, followed by Zune, which only 3% use), and 37% plan to buy an iPhone in the next six months.

Clearly Apple’s advertising has worked its magic on the youth of America. Now all the company has to do is convince them to stop downloading music illegally and learn to “enjoy” paying for it.

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