Toshiba’s Working On a Glasses-Free 3D TV That’ll Be Available Outside Japan

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Toshiba just unveiled a new line of 3D panel televisions that will – for the first time – be available outside of Japan. And here’s the real kicker: They’re promising that at least one of these models will be completely glasses-free.

You hear that, 3D fans? Nothing weighing down your face. Just good ol’, unencumbered TV watching plus an extra dimension.

Details at this point are scant, but Toshiba didn’t shy from talking up their other projects, notably a new line of Regza VL passive 3D TVs. Each one is said to come standard with four ReaID 3D glasses, and will be available in 42- and 47-inch sizes. No word on pricing yet.

In Japan, 12- and 20-inch glasses-free 3D TVs are already available. The catch is they can only be watched from nine very specific angles, which–let’s face it–is far from ideal, especially at such tiny sizes.

But if Toshiba lives up to its promise and delivers a full-sized 3D TV the entire family can enjoy sans shades (they’re saying April 2012, so cross your fingers), it may change the game enough to give 3D a fighting chance.

(via Pocket-lint)

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