iOS 4.3.2 Bringing Battery, Security Fixes for Your iPhone?

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Some of us measure our daily lives according to point releases: This-dot-that, or that-dot-this.

Well, those of us with iPhones, anyway–especially those of us with inexplicable battery troubles, or who gnaw our nails to nubs over security bugs.

Buck up, Apple’s next iOS update may be near. The rumor patrol at BGR claims iOS update 4.3.2 could come a-callin’ in a week or two, and that it quashes security bugs, adds a few enhancements, and if related speculation proves true, even addresses a battery-leak problem bedeviling iPhone 3GS owners since iOS 4.3.1 dropped.

BGR previously predicted (correctly) iOS 4.3.1’s arrival in March. 4.3.1 fixed a graphics-related glitch occurring on the 4th-gen iPod Touch and patched cellular network issues.

Cross your fingers then if you’re one of the afflicted: Two weeks (or less) and counting.