Best Buy Hoarding iPad 2 Stock?

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Sure is hard getting an iPad 2 lately (unless you’re in kindergarten).

Despite the latest and greatest Apple tablet’s availability at just about any retail store that’ll sell it, consumers have had a hard time actually purchasing one—especially the $500 model.

Word broke out last night that Best Buy may have been artificially restricting its stock of iPad 2 tablets, with CrunchGear reporting that Best Buy employees were apparently being told to inform customers that, if a store had hit its iPad 2 sales quota on a particular day, customers should be told that iPad 2s were out of stock even if there were some left in inventory.

This tactic upset Apple to the point that the company “declined to sell any more iPads” through Best Buy stores, according to CrunchGear.

The post was later updated with an apparent memo sent from interim Apple CEO Tim Cook to CrunchGear’s source at Best Buy allegedly debunking both the idea that Best Buy was holding back iPad 2 stock and the idea that Apple was going to stop letting Best Buy sell the iPad 2.

But wait. There’s more.

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