Must Be Nice: Kindergarteners in Maine Getting Free iPads Now

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Ah, to be a kid again. Riding your bike until your legs feel like they’re going to fall off. Popsicles! Free food, no job, minimal attention to hygiene. Using your free iPad 2 to—ho, ho, hold it right there. What free iPad 2?

If you’re a kindergartener in Auburn, Maine, a free iPad 2 is in your future. And if you’re a kindergartener in Auburn, Maine, how are you reading this? These are big words. Prodigious words—look it up on your free tablet that nobody can buy in stores because they’re all sold out.

The Auburn school committee okayed the outlay of $200,000 for 285 iPad 2 tablets to be given to kindergarten students and teachers starting next fall, though “some students in a few classrooms will get iPads as early as May,” according to WCSH 6 News.

Auburn superintendent Tom Morrill said, “When you look at what the iPad 2 apps that are out there, from learning your letters from books, that can be read, finger painting your name, it’s absolutely something we must do.”

I don’t want to be a buttinski, but the report says, “The department plans to spend $200,000—a little less than $500 each for 285 iPad computers for both teachers and students,” yet 285 times $499 is only $142,215.

Even 285 Smart Covers at $39 a pop only adds another $11,115 to the total. Perhaps the remaining $46,670 will be loaded onto a solid gold iTunes gift card to be used for downloading apps.

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