Twitter and Facebook Users: Getting Social on Fridays

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Feeling guilty for sneaking in those few minutes of checking status updates or tweets at your work desk? Don’t. It’s Friday and, according to new research, you aren’t alone in your social media longings.

After analyzing more than 200 of its clients’ Facebook pages over two weeks, Buddy Media found that social media engagement on Thursdays and Fridays was 18 percent higher than the rest of the week. In fact, engagement was even better on Thursday than on Friday.

However, Twitter users tend to be more engaged on Fridays, said Chief Revenue Officer Adam Bain at an Ad Age Digital conference earlier this week, reports Mashable.

You can probably guess the reason for this flock to Twitter and Facebook.

“It’s a matter of people finally pushing past the work week and coasting toward the weekend, picking their head up a bit to see what’s going on and what their friends are up to,” said Rick Liebling, director of digital strategy at Coyne PR.

Liebling, however, considers another issue that may be influencing the trend. Fewer posts overall on Fridays may produce a greater number of average click-throughs.

Whatever the reasons, the information may help marketers post content on social media sites more effectively. Perhaps status updates or tweets may reach more people after the work day is over.

(via Mashable)

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