‘Kick-Ass’ Writer, ‘Watchmen’ Artist to Collaborate

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Mark Millar–the comics writer who co-created Kick-Ass and Wanted as comics before they turned into movies, and has lately been working on a cluster of comics at various publishers under the loose umbrella of “Millarworld”–was the central figure of Kapow Comic Con, held this past weekend in London. Millar announced four new comics projects, Comic Book Resources reports. The two that have been given names so far are a Kick-Ass spinoff called Hit Girl and a collaboration with artist Leinil Francis Yu called Super Crooks (in the vein of Millar’s recent miniseries Nemesis).

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Beyond that, there’s an as-yet-untitled collaboration with Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons, expected later this year, and a 12-issue miniseries–due to be published at Image Comics–with artist Frank Quitely (who last collaborated with Millar on The Authority a decade ago). In the Comic Book Resources interview, Millar describes it as “probably the most ambitious thing I’ve ever tried,” and notes that the first issue is not expected until “around January.” Given that the famously meticulous Quitely took three years to draw the twelve-issue All-Star Superman and hadn’t yet started work on his part of the Grant Morrison-written Multiversity project as of last month’s Emerald City Comic-Con, we may be waiting a while for his new Millar collaboration to appear.

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