Kiip: A New Ad Model For Mobile Gaming Rewards Users in Real Life

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File this one under “Why the heck didn’t anyone think of it sooner?” Alexia Tsosis over at Tech Crunch is reporting on a new mobile ad model called Kiip (pronounced “keep”) that turns in-game achievements into real world currency.

Leveraging a term 19-year old co-founder (and Digg alum) Brian Wong calls the “achievement moment” — that split second “yes!” feeling a gamer experiences after completing a challenge — Kiip partners with advertisers like Carl’s Jr., Sephora, and Pop Chips to give them vouchers they can redeem in the real world (e.g. a free bag of Pop Chips). The result? Advertising that no longer really feels like advertising. (Translation: Huge!)

Kiip adviser Lee Lindon insists that CPM-based mobile advertising is “effectively a port of web-based advertising.” It’s a claim that’s hard to dispute. Industry-leading AdMob‘s website touts over 500 billion impressions since the company’s outset — ad impressions aren’t that different from your typical online banner ad, which (at least in the eyes of savvy, ad-avoiding consumers) holds little value, if any.

This’ll be one to keep your eyes on, and if it pans out, could be huge for advertisers (also, for folks who enjoy Pop Chips). Let’s see if more gaming companies jump aboard.

Watch a demonstration after the jump.

(via Tech Crunch)

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