Yet Another ‘No iPhone 5 Until September’ (or Later) Rumor

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Will we see a new iPhone in June or will Apple take a breather this summer?

The current crop of iPhone 5 rumors currently peg Apple’s next mobile device for a June launch or a September-or-later launch, depending whom you ask. New iPhones have traditionally been launched in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, but rumors began circulating back in February indicating that the iPhone 5 may be delayed until September because of “production bottlenecks.” Those same rumors also claimed that the iPad 2 would have possibly been delayed until June, though.

There are whispers today from “a key component supplier” hinting “that production for iPhone-5 will begin in September,” according to research firm Avian Securities. This key component supplier is not named, of course.

And it looks like the iPhone 5 will have a hyphen in the name now, according to Avian. BUT WHAT DOES THE HYPHEN REPRESENT?! A thinner form factor? An external, horizontal antenna? Hyphens are used to join things, so Apple is almost certainly building its own social network based on FaceTime, Ping and MobileMe called FacePiNG-Me! WE MUST SPECULATE!

Avian’s research note also touches on previous rumors of a low-priced entry-level iPhone, basically saying that their contacts at this mysterious component supplier have “seen the placeholder in the Apple roadmap” for this entry-level iPhone but “do not yet have insight into specs or production timing.” Therefore, it can be concluded that “any launch is likely a very late 2011 or more likely a 2012 event,” according to Avian. So since this supplier doesn’t know anything, the cheap iPhone must be delayed, in other words.

I don’t care about the entry level iPhone, but the iPhone 5 CAN NOT BE DELAYED until the fall. It just can’t. Do you want to read about iPhone 5 rumors all summer long? You just gone done putting up with iPad 2 and Verizon iPhone rumors all winter. You should be wearing shorts and riding bikes in the summer.

(via Business Insider)

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