Adobe Confirms Flash Zero-Day Bug: Here’s What to Look Out For

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If you use Adobe Flash Player, Reader or Acrobat, your system might be susceptible to the Flash Zero-Day bug — a malicious code that hackers are using to target Adobe users.

A security bulletin put out by the software company on Monday details the following:

This vulnerability (CVE-2011-0611) could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. There are reports that this vulnerability is being exploited in the wild in targeted attacks via a Flash (.swf) file embedded in a Microsoft Word (.doc) file delivered as an email attachment.

Last month, Adobe had a similar update for another bug (this time for Excel files) that they have since patched.

So what should users look out for? Computer World is reporting that the hack is concealed in the form of an emailed Word .doc titled “Disentangling Industrial Policy and Competition Policy.” Translation: Don’t open anything close to that.

Adobe is currently working on patches for the bug, but in the meantime it’s best to exercise some caution.

(via Computer World)

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