Moleskine Goes Digital with First iPhone App

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Digital scribes, rejoice! The classic line of notebooks (the paper kind, that is) gets a modern twist with an upcoming iPhone app. It may not be as satisfying as pressing ink to iconic lined parchment, but at least you’ll feel like you’ve joined the modern era.

Moleskine’s app–currently pending Apple’s approval and due out released later this week–is your standard digital note-taking space beckoning you to fill it with musings and rumination. But wait, how’s that different from Apple’s Notes app or something like Evernote? Why would you devote precious screen real estate to Moleskine’s nascent angle on the touchscreen world?

For starters, you’ll be able to abandon Apple’s harsh yellow pages for Moleskine’s easygoing cream-colored writing space. And you can join the ranks of the notebook’s historic lovers, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso – proudly touted by the company in each journal they sell – who used their Moleskines as a sketchbook and doodle pad.

The app also allows you to draw freehand, so whether you’re on an iPhone or iPad, you can use it just as you would pen and paper (hey, you never know when your next masterpiece will come to mind).

And while his laconic style means he probably wouldn’t scribble much, who knows–were Hemingway alive, even he might want one.

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