New Facebook Scam Preys On Innocent Twilight Fans

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The latest scam making its way around Facebook sinks its fangs into a new group of itchy-fingered Internet browsers: Twilight fans.

As first reported on the Sophos blog (with a hat tip to CNET) the rabid fanbase of the bestselling vampire romance novels has been the target of a fake Breaking Dawn game that tricks users into granting access to their private accounts. When users click the “Play Now” button (like in the photo posted above), they get “clickjacked” into activating a Facebook “Like” button, which then spreads a link virally on the user’s wall (here’s a photo of the link). Twi-hards are then subjected to a fake verification survey from which the scammers make a profit.

How can Facebook users best protect themselves? For starters — and reiterating Facebook’s security warnings — don’t click on any suspicious links that may pop up in your newsfeed (like this one).

But to really safeguard yourself? The answer’s obvious: Don’t like Twilight.

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