New Site Predicts Your Next Tweet, Sort Of

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Add this to the pile of brilliant Twitter-related time-wasters: That Can Be My Next Tweet scans your past tweets, sticks them in a blender, and comes up with possibilities for what you’re likely to tweet next. They’re usually grammatical. Sort of.

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Developed by Wimer Hazenberg of the graphic design firm Booreiland, That Can Be My Next Tweet claims to do its work “based on the DNA of your existing messages.” What it ends up with is something that sounds like you, except not. A TCBMNT-ized version of the @Techland feed results in gems like “Tell your inboxes: The SEC considers letting businesses fundraise through iTunes, infects 500,000+ pages!” and “Microsoft is going to livestream a data-wiping Mission: Impossible-ish panic app | Download Internet.”

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Running the official Twitter, @TIME, through My Next Tweet produces the likes of “You’re on our list of most epic reality TV moments | Global Spin Is Bali really a new Dr.” and “Better than taxation? Senate hearings about divorce and roll | PHOTOS: Classic stoner movie drunkards.”

And my own feed, at @douglaswolk, yields “In L.A. folks: I’ll see that uses the American music critics do things the inverse of EVERY SINGLE TIME!” and “Iron Man stuff in the new theme song: Viral marketing alert: you liked it!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.