Sprint Releases New Music App for Phones

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Sad that your Android doesn’t have iTunes to let you indulge your musical passions at a moment’s notice? Fret no more, Sprint phone owners.

Today, the wireless provider released a new music application for Android devices that serves as a ”single, convenient destination for customers to discover, purchase and play” music, per the press release. Here’s the twist: The app – called Sprint Music Plus – is powered by RealNetworks (as in the RealPlayer).

The app lets you create music playlists, assign ringback tones, search for music, organize full tracks and albums, preview content and get new music recommendations.

Prices for the DRM-free songs range from $0.69 to $1.29, you’ll save money if you buy the track as part of a bundle that includes the full track, ringtone, and ringback tone, and charges are wired directly to your Sprint bill.

If any of that triggers your interest, you can get the app by either visiting the app’s site on your Sprint phone, or scanning the QR code (for Android users).

Currently using a BlackBerry or Java Feature phone? No worries. You can still get the app, but only phones launched after May will have the service on the home screen.

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