T-Mobile’s HTC Sensation 4G: Dual-Core CPU, 4.3-inch Screen, 1080p Video

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Set for release this summer, the HTC Sensation 4G will run on T-Mobile and features a 1.2-gigahertz dual-core processor, a 4.3-inch touchscreen with 960×540 resolution, and an 8-megapixel camera capable of capturing full 1080p video clips. The Sensation 4G will sport an aluminum unibody shell and a contoured screen as well.

T-Mobile is touting the smartphone its “most powerful handset.” The phone will run the latest mobile version of Android (2.3) atop HTC’s custom “Sense” interface—albeit a new version that hasn’t been released on existing HTC handsets yet. New addition to “Sense” will include:

“A customizable active lockscreen experience that transforms the lockscreen into a real-time window to the most important information and content.  Social updates, photos, weather or stock updates can be viewed by simply waking up the display.

Sharper graphics, vibrant animations and new widgets make HTC Sense look better than ever.

A more cinematic and immersive weather experience with stunning imagery and audible weather effects.”

The phone will also feature a program called “HTC Watch,” a movie and TV show service that’ll let you view purchased content on up to five HTC devices and offers progressive downloading so you can start to watch whatever you’ve purchased as it’s being sent to the device.

Pricing for the phone hasn’t been announced yet and, again, availability is loosely pegged at sometime this summer. T-Mobile’s phones top out at $200 after applicable contracts and rebates, so hopefully this one will fall into that price range as well.

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