Are iPads And Other Tablets Killing TV?

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Anyone might’ve guessed that the rise of the iPad and other tablet devices would change the way people use computers, but would as many consider it a television-killer? A new survey carried out by Google’s AdMob team suggests that may be the case.

After talking to over 1,400 tablet users, the team established that 68% spend at least one hour per day on the device, with 77% agreeing that their desktop and laptop usage decreased as a result. Here’s the interesting part: 34% said they spent less time watching television as a result of using their tablet, with other media faring worse still–52% spend less time listening to radio, and 59% spend less time reading a book because of their tablets.

While the radio and book industries have yet to mount counterattacks against the iPad, it’s worth considering what these statistics mean in terms of the ongoing battle between television content providers and companies looking to stream television to the iPad. After all, if the latter’s where audiences are going, shouldn’t television try to follow?

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