Forget “Like,” NPR Wants Your Facebook <3

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NPR may be under attack by right-leaning political outfits and facing calls for federal defunding, but the Internet still loves it. After one million iPad downloads in the last year alone, the organization is launching a new Facebook app to allow fans to socialize and proclaim their love for public broadcasting.

The app, called I <3 NPR – yes, even NPR knows what “<3” means – will allow fans to “put themselves on the map” of NPR stations and play trivia games related to various NPR shows, with prizes of “virtual tote bags” available. There’s also a mystery game that will remain mysterious until 100,000 fans have signed up, and I fully encourage each of you to get on posthaste, to help sate my curiosity sooner than later.

No word yet on whether rightwing groups are planning to launch an “I Hate NPR” app, too.

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