RoboCop Glasses Can Scan 400 Faces at Once to Find Bad Guys

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If you’re planning to go to some sort of crowded event in Brazil and you’re wanted by the police, you might want to stay home.

Authorities will be donning special glasses outfitted with tiny cameras that “can capture 400 facial images per second and send them to a central computer database storing up to 13 million faces,” says the Telegraph.

If a particular face in the crowd matches that of a known criminal, a little screen attached to the glasses will alert the office wearing them. The system compares 46,000 unique points on each person’s face for accuracy.

The facial recognition technology works for large crowds at a distance of over 150 feet but the glasses can be used to hone in on a specific individual up to 12 miles away as well. Unreal.

Police in Brazil will soon be testing the glasses at sporting events and concerts in hopes of readying the technology for a wide deployment to officers during the 2014 World Cup. And if this technology works as well as we’re being led to believe, it’s not a huge stretch to imagine that police departments all over the place will be using it in the near future.

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