Tastebuds.fm Finds Your Musical and Romantic Soulmate For You

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If you won’t date someone who listens to Justin Bieber and want a heads up in case they do, head over to Tastebuds.fm. The online dating service pairs you with single people who share your musical tastes. Just think: One less box to check on your quest to find fans of John Cusack-era tunes.

The site’s powered by last.fm, so you if you’ve already got an account, just type in your user name to start searching for available Sheilas or Bobbys. After it pulled up a list of people for me (none of whom looked terribly appealing), I decided I’d rather not mack on young boys or balding men, and so narrowed the age range.

The search can be further refined by location, which artists you dig, or a custom set of predefined music tastes. Each criteria can be turned on or off, which came in handy when I realized I might actually prefer not to date guys who like the same music I do. Backstreet Boys, great. Man crush loves Backstreet Boys? No thank you.

Matches are displayed according to musical compatibility and age, and you can choose to message someone or favorite their profile for later viewing. (Note that the music people prefer may reveal how far they’re willing to go on a first date, but that’s another story.)

Once you find someone of interest, you can sign up for the service or just use your Facebook login to create an account. It’s entirely free, plus if things accidentally go awry as they often do in the world of dating, you know what song to blast with a boombox over your head outside your would-be sweetheart’s bedroom window.

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