Paycheck Friday: Purchasing Suggestions for Your Perusal

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25% ($34,500 to $83,600)


USB Cooling Necktie: $90

Sure is hard being a businessman, huh? Especially in the summer! You rock a short sleeve dress shirt with total disregard for the year 2011, sure, but you still find yourself sweating like a Norwegian’s upper lip during Jonsok (I’m allowed to make that joke. “Aamoth”—look it up).

There’s GOT to be a better way! Preferably one that involves a USB connection! Thankfully the $90 USB Cooling Necktie fits the bill perfectly.

You’ll need to be within 4.4 feet of a computer at all times since the tie’s futuristic cooling fan draws power from a standard USB port, but that ought to cover at least 90% of your waking life, right?

“How’s work going?” your friend and/or family member will ask. “Cool,” you’ll say. Then both of you will laugh for an uncomfortably long period of time.

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