Paycheck Friday: Purchasing Suggestions for Your Perusal

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35% ($379,150 and up)


Diamond-Encrusted Putter: $163,240

Behold the majesty of this diamond-encrusted, 18-karat gold Callaway putter. Behold it! It really doesn’t seem like you’re beholding it. I could have sworn you’d be more impressed. Yes, it looks like a Callaway putter. But look closely. See the diamonds and the gold? Cool, huh?

It will not help you putt better. says you can use it “to tee off in style,” though, so I guess we’re all assuming you’ll be frequenting golf courses wherein you tee off with your putter.

Putt putt courses, as it were. Classy, exclusive, members-by-invite-only, not-even-allowed-to-tip-the-wait-staff putt putt courses.


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