Where To Find Coachella Livestreams

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Bummed you can’t make it out to Indio for Coachella this weekend? Lucky for you it’s 2011, and nothing of cultural significance ever happens that’s not instantly livestreamed on the Internet.

Coachella’s YouTube channel, sponsored by Wrigley’s 5 Gum, is probably the easiest place to watch the performances live. With three different channels, the livestreams capture a nice variety of acts, ranging from legends like Lauryn Hill, upstarts like Gayngs, the recently reunited Death from Above 1979, and even headlining mainstays like The Strokes. If you’d rather not use YouTube, Facebook will have a similar deal utilizing the same three cameras, but there’s a three-tiered process to gaining access (involving a “Like” button, a “Share” button, and “Yeah, that’s where I live”).

U-Stream will be hosting CoachellaOasis about a mile away from the festival site, which will feature artist interviews by Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin (if you’re into that sort of thing), and there may even be scantily clad celebrities bingeing in the background. (edit: Looks like that feed was from a dead 2010 link. Sorry about that. After flipping through U-Stream, it doesn’t appear that there’s anything worthwhile, unless you feel like watching opinionated video bloggers weigh in on the party. Which is cool, too.) Of course, there’s always the Official Coachella website, but you already knew that.

Sure, you won’t have the singong crowds, the zany freakshows, or even the occasional supermodel walking by, but hey, look on the bright side — at least you’ll have air conditioning.

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