Digital Business Cards? Sure!

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Bored with joyless rectangular business cards? It looks like the weapon of choice for enterprising networkers, nepotists and “Win a Free Lunch!” contestants everywhere is finally getting a digital revamp.

Meet Cardcloud, a new app that allows users to instantaneously trade contact information with the people they meet. How’s it work? All you need is the other party’s email address (available off their business card), and Cardcloud will send all the relevant info — name, email, social networking profiles, etc. — to that person along with a digital business card you can write messages on (so that they remember you).

CEO Renato Valdés Olmos tells Read Write Web, “We’re not just trying to replace the paper card, but trying to augment it in a way that you just can’t do with paper.” What set Cardcloud apart from other apps like Bump is that the other person doesn’t need to have it installed, allowing you to shmooze unfiltered.

Right now, Cardcloud is only available for iOS, but Blackberry and Android versions should be along shortly.

Here’s a video of how it works:


Then watch this guy tell you why your current business card is “crap” (his words, not mine):


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