Samsung’s Fridge for Geeks Costs $3,500

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Samsung will put apps on anything these days, from phones to tablets to TVs. And for a mere $3,500, Samsung will soon put apps on your refrigerator, too.

The RF4289 is a four-door fridge with an 8-inch touch screen, but it’s not just for boring stuff like climate control. Using a built-in Wi-Fi connection, the RF4289 can pull up Twitter, Google Calendar, Picasa photos, AP News, Weatherbug and recipes from Epicurious. A Pandora app provides the tunes for your latest cooking adventure, and a virtual notepad serves in place of sticky notes. There’s no web browser, which might be for the best, as one trip to the wrong website could crash your whole fridge.

At $3,500, the RF 4289 might seem outrageously priced, but it’s only $500 more than its screenless predecessor, the¬†RF4287. Both fridges have a customizable counter-height drawer, a twin-cooling system and 28 cubic feet of storage space. I’ll admit that I have no idea what half that stuff means — fridge specs are not my specialty — but I’m assuming this is a premium fridge, even without the geek tech.

Cost cutters, consider an iPad and a fridge mount instead. Woodford Design’s FridgePad¬†magnetized mount ships to the United States for about $68.

(via Ubergizmo)