So Long, Google Video. Google Finally Cements Nail in Coffin

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Google has finally decided to put Google Video out of its misery. What’s that I hear? Silence? Yep, that the sound of people caring.

Starting April 29, the site will not host any more videos, making many nonexistent users forlorn about its demise. An email was sent out to active users to download their videos and re-upload them to YouTube if they would like to save their videos for internet posterity. Your cat videos belong on YouTube, not Google Video.

Google Video started out in 2005, when it was launched in direct competition with YouTube. Eventually, YouTube proved to be the fairest of ‘em all, making Google Video look like a flash in the pan. Google decided that if you can’t beat them, you might as well buy them, snatching up YouTube for $1.6 billon during the latter half of 2006.

Although Google Video ceased the ability to upload videos two years ago, many people, such as myself, were befuddled as to why Google Video kept trudging on. It is anyone’s guess, really, especially when it became rapidly clear that YouTube would become the favorite, successful child.

Sadly, this was one bullet that should have come much sooner. It started with a bang, but ended with a whimper.

(via TechCrunch)

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