Royal Wedding Will Be Live On YouTube

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Didn’t get your invite to Westminster Abbey for the Royal wedding? Don’t fret, you can still follow along on YouTube!

Yes, the marriage of Will and Kate will be streamed live on the net via the Royal Family’s official YouTube channel¬†(that’s right, the Royal Family has an official YouTube channel–who knew?).

In the unlikely event that the happy couple haven’t replied to your emails, you can contact them with a video greeting on YouTube as well. Just click the big “Wedding book” button.

As for gifts – really, they already have all the photo frames and kitchenware that anyone’s ever going to need – if you insist on spending money to celebrate their spiritual and legal union, you can donate to charity at the Royal Wedding Charity Fund. Donations are being aggregated and divided among a selection of charities.

Buckingham Palace has yet to confirm whether Kate Middleton will be posting “yo just marrid balding royal dude lol” on Twitter at some point during the festivities.