Study: iOS Has ‘Twice The Reach’ of Android

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Oh look, another study pitting Apple against Android like digital pugilists boxing for market share. The verdict this time? iOS has “twice the reach of Android.”

That’s according to comScore, which claims in its breaking study that Apple’s iOS devices (comprising iPhones, iPad, and iPad Touches) total some 37.9 million devices among all mobile devices (tablets included). The breakdown: iPhones slightly beat out iPod Touches, while both have double the iPad’s user base.

Where’s that put Apple next to Android? According to comScore, the Android OS’s installed base is 23.8 million, thus iOS outreaches the Android platform by 59 percent.

“These data clearly illustrate the Apple ecosystem extends far beyond the iPhone,” said comScore senior vice president of mobile Mark Donovan in the report. “Though it’s frequently assumed that the Apple user base is composed of dedicated Apple ‘fanboys’, there’s not a tremendous amount of overlapping mobile device access among these users.”

It’s a rather fascinating market breakdown, and includes other highlights, like “Apple iPad Ownership Extends Beyond Just ‘Fanboys'” and “Apple iPad Ownership Skews to 25-34 Year Olds.” It’s all about how you slice the data of course, but comScore’s rundown looks to be one of the broadest to date in terms of gauging overall mobile brand-share.

If you want to know more about the methodology, have a look at comScore’s MobiLens product, which apparently did the heavy lifting.