Are You Ready to Go All Digital?

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Silicon Valley blogger Louis Gray says he’s doing just that. He’s fed up with physical things in his home.

Movies, music, books, news – all of it comes to Gray electronically these days. There’s just no sense in hanging on to the physical ghosts of the past, so he’s letting them go. “I’m digital only from here,” he declared.

This isn’t one of those minimalism kicks you sometimes read about. Reading Gray’s post, I don’t think he’s out to turn his home into one of those ultra-clean white boxes that contain nothing but white cupboards with white interiors and a few dust-free white envelopes. It’s not about decluttering.

Rather, Gray says physical goods are simply inconvenient. They don’t sync, they can’t be backed up, they just don’t fit into modern life so well.

That’s quite a statement, and I can see quite a lot of folks disagreeing with it.

Personally, I suspect going entirely digital is probably a step too far for many people. While I’d love to get rid of paperwork like bills and bank statements, and I’m perfectly happy buying digital music, I can’t stand the thought of getting rid of all my books.

What do you think? Are you desperate to go all digital, or do you still want to hang on to real world media for a while yet?