Google Toolbar for IE Gets Even Instantaneouser

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I’m hard pressed to remember what Googling was like before Instant, the predictive search feature that preemptively fills your page with results. Google, however, has taken another step in streamlining the service across its products by adding it to their IE toolbar.

Per Google’s official blog:

To enable Toolbar Instant, visit Toolbar Options and click “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing.” Toolbar Instant works on IE8 and IE9; if you’re on an older browser, you can either upgrade your Internet Explorer version or try Instant in Chrome, which includes many of the same tools you’re familiar with in Toolbar.

Here’s a shot of the new Toolbar 7 down below. It’s less cluttered and cleaner than before, and the new emphasis on faster predictive results is a welcome addition.

Download the new Toolbar 7 here.

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