Sony Confirms Death of PSPGo, Will Keep Making PSP-3000

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Poor PSPGo, we hardly knew ye. Via Kotaku comes word that Sony will cease manufacturing of the digital-only variant of their gaming handheld. They’re stopping production of the PSPGo to focus on the upcoming NGP, the touch-centric, dual-stick device they announced earlier this year.

A price cut in February failed to ignite interest in the Go, which launched in 2009 and never really garnered the kind of consumer or publisher support necessary to make a, erm, go of it. Japanese mag AV Watch reports that Sony will still be making and supporting the disc-based PSP-3000, the latest in a line of the original PSP form factor, even after the NGP launches. (More on Sony Unveils the NGP, the Next Evolution of Portable PlayStation Hardware)

What’s most surprising about the unlife of the PSPGo was how it never got repurposed or tweaked. There was never any fervor to hack it and exploit it for unintended use, as has been done for other devices like the DS, Kinect or mainline PSP models. (For the record, there was a PSPGo hack that floated about earlier this year.) As far as design and portability went, it wasn’t horrible and it had a pretty good screen, too. But download speeds were terrible and that’s a key failing if you’re making an online-focused device. Downloading games–even the bite-sized PSP Minis–took way longer than it should have and the constant firmware updates (which plague all PlayStation products, to be honest) felt more annoying on a device that you’re supposed be able to just whip out of your pocket and start playing. (More on Happy 5th Birthday, PSP! We Got You Some Improvements To Celebrate.)

So, yes, it’s finally time to bury your PSPGo but, if you’re like me, you’ll have to find it first.