Twitter ‘Unfollow’ Watcher Qwitter Snapped Up For $11,111

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In the event someone can’t quit you–or that they can–take comfort from the fact that the service known for tracking who’s disembarked from your Twitter ship just got a small confidence bump from Twitter Counter.

You know, the guys who bought Twitter ranking and stats site Twitaholic? They shelled out exactly $11,111 at public auction for Qwitter, the service that notifies you if someone “unfollows” you on Twitter.

“We always admired,” said Twitter Counter co-founder Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten in a statement. “It is a hugely popular Twitter tool and a much requested feature from our current users.”

Van Zanten says Qwitter will remain “an autonomous brand,” though adding his company would look at ways in which Twitter Counter and Qwitter “can reinforce each other.” How about a tool that lets you track

$11,111 sounds like a steal of a deal given Twitter Counter’s claim that Qwitter still has over 180,000 active users and gains about 2,000 new ones each week (that’s roughly 104,000 a year).

Another perquisite in the buy:, a freemium Twitter archiving service, snatched from the same parent company, Velocis Enterprises. Velocis originally nabbed Qwitter in 2010, but opted to sell it off to focus on would-be Groupon competitor Cardstr.

Coming soon: Sellstr, an app that lets you track which here-today-gone-tomorrow venture capital firm’s selling what to whom.