How Many Oranges Does It Take to Power an Electric Billboard?

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It only takes 2,500 oranges to power a neon billboard and two repairmen to change a light bulb in my apartment. I think it’s time to head to the produce market the next time I have an electrical shortage.

A recent Tropicana ad for the French market shows a team assembling thousands of oranges to power a neon sign. The project, which occurred over the course of three months, uses copper and zinc wires to power the lit-up sign.

The scientific operandi behind the phenomena says that in order for it to work, the metals must pierce the oranges. The orange juice proceeds to dissolve the zinc and copper, causing a current of electrons. The reaction produces a bit of power, and when all of these tiny “batteries” are linked, it can generate a significant amount of electricity.

It is the same concept behind the “lemon battery” test that is a common scientific experiment in many high schools. Bottoms up!

(via Mashable)

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