Lady Gaga Partners with Zynga For… GagaVille?

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Let’s play a game. On one hand you have Lady Gaga: living-breathing performance artist, best-selling singer, and wearer of designer dresses made of tenderized meat. On the other, Zynga: creators of mass appeal time-sucks like FarmVille, FrontierVille, and a game I should really be a lot better at, Words With Friends. What do these two drastically different parties have in common? Enough to ink out a promotion deal, apparently.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Gaga and Zynga are in preliminary talks for a potential deal that would bring the Queen Monster to Zynga’s 250 million active users. Lady Gaga herself has just under 9.5 million followers on Twitter, with a new album titled “Born This Way” to be released on May 23rd. (This, incidentally, is her album cover.)

Fast Company notes that this wouldn’t be the first time the pop superstar and the Internet’s largest gaming company joined forces. In the aftermath of the Japan earthquake, the two powerhouses teamed up to deliver more than $3 million to Save the Children and the American Red Cross.

The question ultimately is: What do we christen this unlikely shady area in the Gaga/Zynga venn diagram? Words With Gaga? FarmMonster?

My vote’s for GagaVille.

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