Sorry, Netflix: DishOnline Signs HBO, Cinemax Streaming Content

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DishOnline, Dish Network’s subscriber-only streaming video service, may not have the success or scale of Netflix’s Watch Instantly, but it does have something that the VoD giant doesn’t: Exclusive HBO and Cinemax programming.

Dish’s online service will add 1,800 titles from the premium cable networks in a deal announced today giving subscribers access to the network’s existing HBOGo and MaxGo online video offerings. Those titles include HBO and Cinemax’s current movie programming – including Avatar and The Hangover – as well as episodes of series like Boardwalk Empire and True Blood. As Dish senior VP of programming Dave Shull points out in his official statement on the deal, “Dish Network customers with an HBO or Cinemax subscription can also get new series titles after their premiere — plus bonus content including interviews, recaps and behind-the-scenes extras – none of which are available through Netflix’s online service.”

In fact, HBO and Cinemax have long resisted Netflix’s attempts to make a deal for Watch Instantly content, considering the company a competitor for movie rights instead of a potential partner. Commenting on this DishOnline deal, HBO again “has no intention of licensing online-streaming rights to nontraditional distributors such as Netflix.” The question may be, whether this HBO deal will make DishOnline enough of a player to make Netflix take notice and change their approach to the network.

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