Groupon for Cars? Not Quite.

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Hyundai is the first auto maker to embrace Groupon, but don’t get too excited.

The Groupon deal, offered to Hyundai customers in Chicago over the last weekend, consisted of an oil change, inspection and tire rotation for $29. Roughly 1,300 people signed up for the deal, enough for the auto maker to call it a success.

“If the long-term results are as encouraging as the initial data and dealers are supportive, we’ll certainly look at other ways to use Groupon in the future,”┬áBrian O’Malley, general manager of Hyundai Motor America’s Central Region, said in a press release.

Could Groupon deals on actual cars be next? Car dealers do love promotions, and a group buying incentive could be a good way to move cars off the lot during clearance time. Then again, the impulsive nature of Groupon makes huge purchases unfeasible, but I have a feeling Groupon or some other company will figure out how to pull it off.

In any case, Hyundai’s press release says nothing on the matter. The promotion was merely aimed at drawing more people to Hyundai’s service centers, and the auto maker plans to track these people over time to see if Groupon can turn them into repeat customers. I have my doubts–if you’re frugal enough to use Groupon, chances are you’ll steer clear of the dealership when it’s time for repairs.

(via Autoblog)