Nightmare Over: You Can Now Mow Your Lawn from an iPhone

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We’ve all been there. Does this sound familiar to you?

You’re at work and you realize you forgot to mow your lawn. You rush home in a panic. You miss several important meetings—or meetings that your company considers important, yet you’ve calculated how much it’d cost to build a lifelike dummy of yourself that lives in the conference room and has a head that automatically nods whenever it detects nearby voices.

Those days are over thank to Husqvarna’s My Automower, a free iPhone app that lets you control your lawn mower from afar. “Wow, Doug. And this app works with any lawnmower?” you just said out loud. No, of course not.

You’ll need a special GPS-enabled Husqvarna (that’s not any easier to type the second time around, by the way) lawn mower. They start at a cool $2,400 and leverage the magical science of robotics.

Once you’ve purchased your robotic lawn mower and downloaded the app, here’s what your life will be like, according to Husqvarna (still hard to type):

– You’ll be able to display the location of your Husqvarna Automower on Google Maps.
– Use shortcuts to send instructions and take control of your Automower.
– Tell your machine when to start mowing.
– Tell your Automower when stop and return for charging.
– Set timers.
– Check your Automower status.

So it’s up to you whether you want to be remembered as the quiet, kind of creepy guy at the party who stood in the corner all night or the quiet, kind of creepy guy at the party who stood in the corner all night but HAD THE REMOTE LAWN MOWING APP ON HIS PHONE!

“Can I get you a beer, Guy With iPhone Lawn Mower?” That’s your new nickname. That’s what people will call you as they offer to get you a beer. Your name is really Paul, but that’s not important.

Here’s the app and here’s the press release.

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